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Italian Singer


Rich Italian tenor voice
with a repertoire of
popular songs, in the traditional style of
Mario Lanza

Antonio was born in Bassano del Grappa near Venice , Italy .  After showing early interest in music he was actively involved in local choirs and sang as a soloist (boy soprano) with the local

Cathedral choirs.  He began formal music training at the age of 12.  For two years he studied music theory, then moved to instrumentation, initially the flute, later the French Horn and joined the local orchestra.

Later on, he studied voice production and developed a classic repertoire.  He studied with international singing coaches from Italy , England , America and Australia .

He participated in singing competitions, was a finalist and outright winner.  As a professional he was engaged in Concerts, stage productions and popular variety shows.

His repertoire consists of the better-known roles of operas, Lieder and classical songs from the 16th century and popular songs up to the 20th century

The Show can be tailor made and the choice of the songs specially selected to suit the occasion.

The backing of the songs is usually by a full orchestra on a backing tape.  If a band is available for the show, music charts will be supplied to the musicians.

The duration of the show varies according to the occasion and event.  A full show is about an hour.  It can be in 2 or 3 parts to suit the occasion.

The fee for the performance is according to the duration and event.


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