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Singing Telegrams

We Bring the Characters

You get the fun! We believe that life is too short to not want to squeeze out as much joy and happiness as possible, and that’s exactly what we want to do for you and your family, friends and associates.

Established in 1990

The Original Singing Telegrams

Family & Friends

Birthdays ♪ 13th Birthdays ♪ 21st Birthdays ♪ 30th – 40th Birthdays ♪ 50th – 60th Birthdays ♪ 70th ♪ 80th ♪ 90th ♪ 100th ♪ Just Because ♪ Get Well ♪ Make Up – Break Up

Special Occasions

Weddings ♪ Graduations ♪ Bar Mitzvah ♪ Anniversary ♪  Hen’s & Buck’s Nights ♪ Baby Shower ♪ It’s a Boy ♪ Its’s a Girl ♪ Congratulations ♪ Kitchen Tea ♪ Engagement

Annual Events

Christmas Parties ♪ Christmas Day ♪ Valentine’s Day ♪ NYE Parties ♪ Easter ♪ EOFY ♪ Anniversaries ♪ Wedding Anniversary ♪ Family Days ♪ Mothers Day ♪ Fathers Day


♪ Television ♪ TVC ♪ Print ♪ Media ♪ Congratulations ♪ Farewell  ♪Retirement ♪ Team Building ♪ Corporate Events  ♪ Product Launch ♪ Sprooking


Gorilla Gram

Have you ever heard a Gorilla sing? Get in touch you wild thing.
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Who's the Nerd at your party? Tell us by giving us a ding, dong!
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Dame Edna Gram

Hello Possums! Invite the Dame to your next party or event.
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Bring an old tradition alive, with a Chimney Sweep for the Bride!
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Teddy Gram

How much can a Teddy Bear? Find out when 'Life size' gets there.
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Elvis Gram

Sighted Elvis lately? Uh huh, well get him in the building!
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Austin Powers

The 60's wasn't just about flowers, so groove it baby with The Powers.
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Santa Gram

Santa will hit the high night at your Christmas party and Christmas in July.
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Butler Gram

Looking for sophistication? Sophistication for every occasion style.
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MC for Events

Celebrate your special moments and elevate your event with our professional MC.
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Butler Breakfast

Start your day in style with our Butler Breakfast, serving sophistication to your doorstep.
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Celebrate events with music and dance. Tap, flamenco and all that jazz.
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Watch Now

Plenty of people have recorded and taken pictures of our range of different characters at a huge range of events. We’ve compiled an example of some that have appeared on TV. Check out this recent appearance of our very own Gorilla Gram appearing on Channel 7 News Australia.

The good thing about the TV recordings is that, unlike the ones taken privately by guests, the camera operator isn’t giggling and jiggling the camera around!

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