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Bring the glam to your next party

Hello Possums!

Hello Possum! Have you got a rather special occasion coming up? I mean really special! A time where you know everyone there will be having moments of mild panic as they wonder what’s missing right now! Glove on Glove applause for those of you who clearly understand and have avoided this dilemma by also inviting, yours truly to brighten up your world. Razzle meets dazzle and glitz morphs into Glamour as I, the singing telegram Dame Gram, transform an ordinary bunch into, who spiked the punch!

……….a great character likeness visually and verbally, the best Dame Edna impersonator I’ve seen.
Stephanie I (Dec – Westpac)

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Razzle, dazzle, glitz and glamour

It’s the life of the party here!
And I just want to let you know that if you give me enough notice, I should be available to brighten and liven up your next big celebration.
I’m sure those thousands of adoring fans and Her Majesty, will understand, when I explain to them that I have a very special appointment…. with YOU instead!!
“You WILL be amused”


The Dame Edna impersonator arrives dressed to impress in a stunning gown. As all eyes are mesmerised by this vision, which now, you can’t unsee,  she waves royally at the guests and greets the recipient. Some may blush, giggle or curtsy or stand transfixed by such a sight before then. No matter, for those selected as potential rabble-rousers, the singing telegram Dame will hand them a party treat to use at their own discretion.

If you’ve chosen to add Gladiolas as an extra gift option to pamper the guest of honour with, then Dame Edna will deliver these with a flourish. And for that extra crank things up a notch or two you could have our in-house poet create an original poem based on info you provide about the recipient.

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