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Have you

Sighted Elvis Lately?

“Alleluia! and blessa my soul.”
The Good Lord allows me on very special occasions the ability to perform an “Elvis” sighting! Courtesy of The Other Side productions ™.

So if you want the King, Give the Rockline a Ring!

The Elvis Singing Telegram will arrive at your event in his classic style.
Brimming with rhinestones on his traditional White Jumpsuit and ready to perform for yet another memorable Elvis Sighting.
Upon entering he sings an original song composition made specifically for the guest of honor or event, he also will hand out party treats to get everyone in to the groove.

The Virtual Elvis can read an original, one off (a master piece) Poem based on information that you have gathered about the person who is to be celebrated. The Virtual Elvis poems are not only rhyming but are written in ‘Elvis Terminology” The Original poem is highly crafted and created uniquely for your special someone and comes highly recommended as a bespoke memoir keepsake

Definition of: “Elvis Terminology”

Elvis Terminology means that information provided to us by the orderer (you) about the recipient to write the poem will have Elvis song titles threaded through it relevantly when it is uniquely written. So not only does the poem rhyme it will have Elvis Terminology throughout it.

Below is a portion of a real life poem our poet wrote for a lady based on information that was provided to us by the couple ordering the Virtual Elvis.

Customer Brief about Recipient
…… one small portion of the information provided to us about this particular lady was that she had spent $24,000 AUD
in the previous 2.5years fixing her teeth! (crowning and capping them).
The event/occasion that this telegram was sent for was, a thank you to her for helping the orderers (the couple) out when they needed it.

Poem Sample

this was one of 6 paragraphs the poet wrote from the above information provided to us.

Carol we know you don’t have a ‘Wooden Heart‘, but someone’s ‘All Shook Up
‘Cause they’re ‘Paralysed‘ thinking about your teeth in a cup!
So if ever there was a ‘Return to Sender‘, the tooth fairy hopes you’ll understand,
She may have a little trouble raising the 24 grand!

….Pure Genius  Glad McInnerny


Elvis will get you into the swing, C'mon get those hips movin'

If you have a Hunk a Hunk of burning love, to celebrate
Then be sure to make your event, Viva Las Vegas great

So move those Blue Suede shoes and get in touch
When you bring – the King, everyone will say: “thank you… thank you very much”

Virtual Elvis will bust out some moves, read out your message and sing
Before he’s a Return to Sender…. Elvis has left the building.

Perfect for: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate events, Product launches and more




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