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Bring the wild to your next party

Ever heard a Gorilla sing?

They won’t believe their eyes when a Singing Gorilla Gram arrives. When delivering your personal telegram he’ll make a song and dance of it. Sure to grab everyone’s attention with a short but not too sweet performance for a wild impact.

Our Gorilla Gram as seen on TV – Chanel 7 News and Live on Triple M. Make great presents and presence that make the recipient feel like the centre of attention, even though they may feel a bit shy by the comedic banter of the Gorilla Singing Telegram. You’re sure to get an Instagram moment when they first see the realistic looking costumed Gorilla Gram bursting into the scene! Call 0415836877 for personal service and more information.


A wild Surprise and Memorable gift for any occasion!

The Singing Gorilla gram bursts into the scene
To totally surprise them, unforeseen

Hear the beat of the bongo drum
Before he is seen by anyone

Everyone can join in to sing a song
As the recipient apes about to play along

After the fun has come to an end
He’ll read the message you wish to send




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Gorilla Gram

Package 1

The Singing Gorilla Gram

Bongo Playing
Interative Song

Gorilla Challenges

A Hand of Bananas

An Occasion Song

Personal Message Card Read out 

Add on Option 
An Original Poem

Gorilla Delivery

Package 2

The Singing Gorilla Gram

An Occasion Song

Personal Message Card

Optional add ons


Mini Me Gorilla Toy

Original Poem

Virtual Gorilla

Package 3

The Singing Gorilla Gram

Via Zoom
or MS Teams

Gorilla Bongo Song

Gorilla Challenges

An Occasion Song

Personal Message 
Read Out 

Add on Original Poem

Custom Gorilla

Package 4

The Singing Gorilla Gram

Custom Choreographed Performance

Bring Ideas to Life 

Concept to Reality

Corporate Events

Film TV Social Media



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