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Bring an old tradition alive

Australia's Original Chimney Sweep

For the wedding your guests will remember! Sweep-a-Gram is a traditional wedding custom that remains unique with today’s modern up-to-date wedding as that ultimate “Sign of Good Luck”. Good Luck and Good Fortune is where you’re heading when a Dickens Sweep attends your Wedding.

As Tradition has it, to see a sweep on your wedding day is a sign of Good Luck, and sure to bring the newly married couple much happiness and Good Fortune for their future life together.

To learn the history of why its Good Luck and Good Fortune to have a Chimney Sweep attend for the Bride and Groom on their wedding day.

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Official Chimney Sweep-A-Gram Doll and Scroll

To see a Chimney Sweep on your wedding day is a sign of Good Luck & Fertility for the newly married couple.

When a Sweep-a-Gram attends the wedding everyone is informed about this 400 year old timeless tradition by a young lady in a traditional costume. She then introduces the Chimney Sweep who is in top hat & tails.

The Sweep then entertains & Greets the Guests and Bride and Groom with Song, Dance and Poetry.

The Bride & Groom are presented with a Traditional Scroll & a Uniquely Hand Numbered Porcelain Chimney Sweep Doll.

The Good Luck custom of the Bride kissing the Sweep & the Groom shaking his hand is performed & “The Official Tying of the Knot” & signing of “The Official Sweep-a-Gram Register”. This Register will be held by the State Library of N.S.W. with History books as to couples who contributed to the Sweep-a-Gram tradition.

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When you book your Sweep-a-Gram, you not only have the Chimney Sweep, but also will receive a parchment scroll with your name and wedding date etched in gold and a lovely porcelain chimney sweep doll for ‘Good Luck”.


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