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Yeah Baby!

Looking to have a groovy time?

I’ve been to loads of parties and can help you get your Mojo back! Don’t be a wallflower man or be like a shag on a rock, which is different to a shag on a rock… rrroooww, know what I mean! Oh behave!

After being cryogenically frozen for so long, I know how to turn those cold frigid people on, so we can all really get into the swing of things. And it won’t cost you one million dollars.

The swinging master of Mojo and dare devil extraordinaire Mr A. Powers entering the venue dressed to thrill

Included in package 1 is an Original Choreographed script/poem for the recipient. It is uniquely created for the Recipient or Company/staff by our in-house poet and presented on a traditional coloured scroll

A a gift in a fluted cellophane of Passion Pop will be presented with an option for you to add on more gifts. Party Treats will be handed out to the Guests. Your personal message card will be hidden inside a Balloon and read out aloud by Austin. This is such an entertaining and fun telegram for so many occasions.

“Shag later But Book Now”


Good Vibes with Swinging 60's style

Retro and cool Austin will save the day
Ready to ensure Dr Evil and Mini Me stay away

Your international man of mystery will bring the fun
Increasing the mojo and groovy vibes of everyone

He can bring a gift, read your message, sing a song or poem
Before he jumps into the Shaguar and gets goin’

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Austin Gram

Package 1

Austin Impersonator

Original Choreographed
Poem or Script

A bottle of Passion Pop

An Occasion Song

Personal Message Card

Add On Extra Gifts

Austin Delivery

Package 2

Austin Impersonator

An Occasion Song

Message Card

Optional Add Ons:

Range of Gift Selection

Original Poem

Virtual Austin

Package 3 

Austin Impersonator

Via Zoom or MS Teams

An Occasion Song

Personal Message Read 

An Occasion Song

Add on: Original Poem

Custom Austin

Package 4

Austin Impersonator


Bring Ideas to Life 

Corporate Events

Film TV Social Media

Custom Performance


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